Let them eat cake.


better together

I loved dancing with him at Firefly with him last weekend. Him standing behind me with his arms alternating from around my waist and shoulders made me smile all the way down to my heart. Jack Johnson came out for an encore and sang Angel and Better Together back-to-back. It was the sweetest and made me cry as I heard him sing behind me, squeezing me tightly into a hug as we swayed back and forth.

Happy in love.

I love when he knows that I’m not myself and he turns to me and asks if i’m okay. I ask for a hug and everything feels much better.

I never seen or heard him mad until we were driving around DC near the stadium trying to find a parking spot. We went into a lot and was told it wasn’t parking….wtf. So we turned back into the street that circles the stadium and ended up back on the interstate. It frustrated him so much and I just let him get mad….when he calmed down, he turned to me and apologized for getting mad. It may sound bad, but his apology made me feel good. We got our parking spot and watched the soccer game —- and I enjoyed it so very much.

My boyfriend is so in love with me.
I’m so in love with him.
It’s perfect.

But I need to let him express himself when he’s frustrated; I can’t go cry and think it’s the end of the world when we have a silly argument. I need to be strong for him so he can express himself. It isn’t all about me. I don’t know how he has this much patience for me. I need to have patience for him too.

When he encourages you to be a better you. He’s convinced me to get my Master’s degree. He bought me a painting class and easel. I’ve never been treated this way by any other guy I’ve dated. He’s something special and I love every part of him. I’m excited for more adventures and life with him beside me.

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