Let them eat cake.


My boyfriend admitted to ignoring me last night because he had a test to study for. I love that he is so dedicated and hardworking in college, but I miss the hell out of him sometimes. He’s gone for a week and i’m going to try and not be so needy and missing him so much. What am I going to do when he gets even busier with school? He already spends his free time with me; he always makes time for me when he’s free. And I’m so grateful for that, too. So I must keep busy and be productive. What I love the most is knowing that he’s there and he will always be there, so I just need to calm the hell down. I trust in us so much.

When we talk about our future kids.. I get excited. We already say his name, hahaha.

My boyfriend gave me my birthday presents early. I didn’t even know he was being proactive because before he told me about my presents I said not to buy me anything. And he did. “I’m not good with coming up with places for dates and I wanted to get you something that would help you improve yourself and not trinkets.”

I’ve never been given such a thoughtful gift from a man. He got me an easel to paint on (I’ve been needing one…I paint on the floor, haha) and he paid for my painting lessons at the museum.¬†

Best thing a guy has ever given me.


My boyfriend was annoying the crap out of me last night (he thinks he was being silly, but he was being a meanie) and I said that I was going to go home if he didn’t stop acting so asshole-y. He put down his new tablet, picked up his doggy Chibi, and came and sat down in the same seat as me. He put his arm around me and just started acting silly. “Let’s combine puppy eyes,” he said as he put Chibi’s face next to his. He made me laugh and he showed me something cool on his new tablet (planet earth app of some sort).

It’s ¬†hard to be mad at him over little things.

I’m so in love with every part of him.

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